· The very end of the movie and the music used there was totally inspired by The 5th Element.

· My favorite shot of the whole movie is found at around 9:30. A long following dolly shot. The worst part is that we had gotten a better shot but then after we watched it we accidentally recorded over it. Oops. One of the negatives of using tape and not film.

·Another interesting fact is that it was originally written with 3-4 speaking scenes, most of which were later cut for various reasons. Only one remained in the final film, but may very well disappear in the Special Edition so that the whole movie plays consistently as silent.

·All of the shots under the stage were done in record fashion, and typically in one take, because we were told to get out so the maintenance people could set up for an event the next day.

The Dig(1998)

· I intentionally wanted to do a movie that involved voices, simply because Freelance had not.

· The first day we shot was in the early spring and it happened to be a warm day. The next day we shot it was freezing cold, but to keep continuity, the actors had to stay in just t-shirts, so that day was shot very fast.

· After we finished filming we decided to take a fake leg we used, still covered in torn jeans and fake blood, and bury it in the hole we had dug.

· For the interior trunk scenes Matt volunteered his junk car which was supposed to be towed away at any time. When we went to shoot the interior trunk shots, we were planning on having woods in the background. Just as we were starting to shoot a tow truck pulled up to tow Matt's car away, and without even asking, pulled it out into the middle of the parking lot. We quickly shot what we needed with the car in the middle of the parking lot. There are not a lot of trees in the background, as was originally planned.


Super Ninja Warriors 3(1999)

· Shot in one day over a period of 8 hours
· The black thing on Chris' head is a t-shirt
· The play-doh man was made from a Stretch Armstrong costume on a play-doh body

For the Special Edition:
· Redid all of the titles
· Removed a black space gap from the beginning
· Shortened the peeing scene
· Shortened other misc scenes to flow better.
· Removed accidental exposures that included hands

Telltale Script(1999)

· For all the computer screen shots we set up a camera in front of Ryan's computer and typed away. When we got the film back though we found that about half the shots were blurry, so we had to reshoot them, this time at my computer.

· Almost all of the shots of the computer screen have famous movie quotes above where the writing is taking place.

· During the scene at the phone booth both co-directors can be seen. Me walking by and Jeff answering the phone.

· Editing was to be done by myself, Jeff, and Amy. The problem was that Amy hadn't been to any of the days of shooting and hadn't even read the final script. She edited a whole section and it looked great, but alas without knowing the entire plot a lot of mistakes were made and after she left we had to go back and fix them.

· A strange bit of trivia was in what happened to the film after it was shown. We were told we couldn't take it because, since it was a group project, multiple people might want it. At the end of the semester though it would have just been put in a box with other old films. A few months after the semester ended I went on a search of the film but couldn't find it anywhere. I found all other films from our class, but not the group ones. Finally it was discovered locked away in the "vault" where all of the film equipment was kept, by itself, on a shelf, with a note mentioning out names. A very strange place to find it.


· The film was originally supposed to star Chris and my friend Adam, who was going to be visiting for the weekend. He dropped out and I had to take his place (I wanted to try acting anyway).

· The pool hall we shot in was the one I worked at, and coincidentally, the hall, as well as that particular table, was featured in Freelance as well.

· In typical fashion for my movies, we started to run out of film big time on the second day of shooting. We ended up doing single takes for most of the end of the movie and ended up using every last foot of film we had. One shot you can even see a flash of light as we hit the end of the roll!

· I blame myself for bad/cheesy editing. I actually made almost all of the pool shots in the movie but my desire for a faster looking movie made me cut them all into two parts. Almost every pool shot involves me lining up to take a shot, shooting, and then cutting to the ball going in the pocket. It looks faster but a little cheesy….

· There are a couple of stumbling blocks in the film where a shot looks a little strange or out of place. Chances are that the lighting came out bad on the original shot and I had to stick something in there, even though it didn't work exactly right.

· Originally for my final project I was going to do a movie about a running race. I had been working on the idea for a couple of months and missed the first class where we got to announce our projects. When I showed up for class the next day I found out that someone else had the exact same idea! Even the same influences. Except he had come up with the idea over the past weekend. I had actually worked with this guy on a couple of things so I've always been curious if I mentioned it in passing to him and it was in his mind subliminally or what. Very strange. I changed my project and he kept his the same. In the end, his was one of the best in the class. It came out really good.

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