(Continued from Iceland Page) - For the second half of my trip I had wanted to go to Australia or Italy, but due to financial concerns and fear of death, they were thrown out. In the end I decided to go to Scotland. I had never been to anywhere in the UK and felt that I shouldn't rush and spend 2 days each in Scotland, Ireland, and England, or anywhere else for that matter, but rather a week in one specific area. Scotland was chosen for a few different reasons, but the most prominent was just that I liked it more than the other two. My trip was to take me through Edinburgh, Inverness, and Glasgow, with a final pre-flight rest day in London. In the end though Glasgow was scrapped and I ended up spending an extra day in London, which much to my surprise wasn't that bad. But let me just say this first; Edinburgh is the most beautiful place I've ever been to in my life. You walk out of the train station and it feels like you've been transported back through time. Buildings older than any in the US dot the landscape, some rising into the air all around you. In the distance you see a castle perched on a mountainside, as regal and majestic as any castle could look. And the accents... very cool. If you ever get the chance, this is a city worth seeing. Below are some photos from Scotland, England, and even my friends Bob & Sarah's wedding, which I attended upon my return home. Enjoy!


The photos are in groups of six. Click on the long thumbnail and it will bring you to a page that displays all six photos, individually.


Thumbnail #1 - Edinbugh - Edinbugh Castle

Thumbnail #2 - Edinbugh Castle - Becky & Bonnie

Thumbnail #3 - Edinbugh - Ferret & Trouserleg - Becky & I

Thumbnail #4 - Inverness - Loch Ness - Castle Urquhart

Thumbnail #5 - London - Tower of London - Buckingham Palace

Thumbnail #6 - Buckingham Palace - Trafalger Square - Big Ben

Thumbnail #7 - Parliament - Westminster Abbey - Marble Arch

Thumbnail #8 - Paintball - Bob & Sarah's Wedding

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