In May of 1999, as a graduation gift from college, I took a solo vacation to Iceland and Scotland. Most likely the first thought that enters your mind is "Iceland?"; and don't worry, you're not alone. There were a lot of different reasons for my choosing Iceland, but the main two were the beauty of the country and a friend's obsession. Originally the trip was supposed to be with a friend of mine, Adam, for 2 months. We were planning on touring all of Europe, starting with Iceland, and spending 2 weeks in each of a half a dozen countries. Adam was a linguistics major who had found the language of Iceland to be fascinating. The culture was one of the most isolated in the world, and had not changed much in a thousand years. Children in school there today can pick up manuscripts from 1000 years ago and read it as if it were written yesterday. And the land itself is in a constant state of flux. In the mid 1960s undersea volcanic activity created a new island right off the coast. Some of the largest glaciers in the world are located on the island. Like no other place in the world, it is filled with constant geothermal activity and freezing cold temperatures; glaciers the size of states, waterfalls more impressive than Niagra, and geysers that put Old Faithful to shame. All in all it is a truly unique country. In the end though, my friend had to back out, but during the years of planning I had researched Iceland and begun to fall in love with it's beauty. Below are some photos from my trip. Enjoy!


The photos are in groups of six. Click on the long thumbnail and it will bring you to a page that displays all six photos, individually.


Thumbnail #1 - Arriving in Iceland - Reykjavik

Thumbnail #2 - Gulfoss - Driving - Blue Lagoon

Thumbnail #3 - Reykjavik - Scenic Shots

Thumbnail #4 - Godafoss - Grjotagja - Dimmuborgir - 1970s Eruption

Thumbnail #5 - Lake Myvatn - Rock Formations - Scenic Shot

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