Cross Country

Before I even began college I planned to drive cross country one summer. Although this was a dream that I planned on fulfilling, realistically, deep down, I was doubtful about it. Not only was it a couple of years in the future, but I'd need a car(which I didn't have), money (which I didn't have), and a co-pilot(which I didn't have). For the first 2 years things didn't even move. I asked a couple of friends I went to high school with if they were interested and got some meek responses but nothing definate. I finally got a car in 1996 and managed to sell some Final Four tickets from Umass(for a small fortune), so I had two of the bases covered. Finally I asked my friend Chris, who I had been friends with for more than 10 years, if he'd be interested. He was, and over the course of the next couple of months he became more and more definate. I planned out the whole route, taking us through the northern states on the way out and some of the southern and mid-western states on the way back. It was a month long trip that ended up involving about 2 weeks of time in LA and the rest on the road. We left in May of 1997 and returned in mid-late June, capping off the trip with a Chicago-Boston final day drive. We got to see everything from Niagra Falls to the Badlands, Mt Rushmore to Devils Tower, Yellowstone to Vegas, LA to the Grand Canyon. Basically all the main tourist traps across the country. All in all it was a great trip and I loved it. Below are some photos from my travels. Enjoy!


The photos are in groups of six. Click on the long thumbnail and it will bring you to a page that displays all six photos, individually.


Thumbnail #1 - Corn Palace - Badlands

Thumbnail #2 - Badlands - Mount Rushmore

Thumbnail #3 - Devil's Tower - Yellowstone

Thumbnail #4 - Yellowstone

Thumbnail #5 - Yellowstone - Los Angeles

Thumbnail #6 - Los Angeles - San Diego

Thumbnail #7 - Grand Canyon - Crater - Arriving Home

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