The Dig (1998)

Fall of 1998 was when this short movie was made, once again for a class. This time though the class was taught by a demented stalker of Martin Scorsese. Easily the worst teacher I've ever had,she even tried to throw me out of the class at one point for disagreeing with her(and told me I was the most disrespectful student she'd had in 20 years). In any case the assignment this time was to make a short movie about violence that stole shots from famous films directed by Italian-American directors (a teacher that basically wants you to plagerize).

Once again shouldered with a violence concept I decided to be influenced most by scenes of burials(Scorsese's Casino & DePalma's Body Double). I was also on a big "A Life Less Ordinary" high at the time so the burial scenes from that movie ended up being one of my primary influences(though I didn't tell the demon beast that, for fear of her complaints that Danny Boyle wasn't Italian). The basic plot became that two students decided to kill a third for messing with the grade curve. A little far fetched, but not as much so now in the age of school shootings.

This time around for casting I brought in Matt Byron, a friend that I figured fit the main part pretty well. Chris Mcmullin returned to play the sidekick(I figure he's like a Steve Buscemi type) and Rob Fijol came along as the student who messed with the curve. Shooting took place over 2 days in a canyon next to a parking lot on campus and editing followed right afterwards. For the most part this shoot went along a lot faster than Freelance, with the only real problem being the weather(warm first day, freezing the second, characters in short sleeves).

All of the movies from the class were shown one night on the big screen, in the presence of the demon beast. Though she did have a couple of nice comments about my movie(which was shown early), later on she became bored with watching "long" movies(8-15 minutes) and would cut them off in the middle if she thought there was too much dialogue or there was no violence. All in all a horrendously evil professor.

A "Special Edition" of The Dig was made that fixed editing problems, titles, sound levels, and a couple of bad bits of dialogue.



The Dig (1998)

Media/Info: Starring: Matt Byron, Chris McMullin, and Rob Fijol
Trailer Sound: Continuous dialogue, continuous soundtrack
Pictures/Captures Format: SVHS
Trivia Length: 6 minutes
  Availability: Available on VHS or CD
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