The Telltale Script (1999)

This film was the result of the group project in my filmmaking class. The class was broken down into 2 groups, each with about 8 people. Each group had a writer, director, editor, assistant editor, sound guy, production manager, technician, and cinematographer. This sounds like a great idea at first, but trust me, it sucked.

First, when it came around to splitting up the jobs there were conflicts, and in the end myself, along with Jeff Smith, split both the directing and editing duties to become co-director-editors, which was good. The script we got from our writer wasn't that bad, but considering what we had available to work with, it became increasingly difficult. The biggest problem was the lack of work on our set. We had too many people. The sound guy, production manager, and technician didn't have much to do. All of the work was done by the directors and cinematographer. When we got to editing, the assistant only showed up 1 of the 3 days, and since she wasn't around for the shooting, she had no idea what we wanted out of each scene. Then our sound guy decided to wait until the last minute to add sound and of course couldn't figure out how to make the tape recorder work, so we had no sound.

In the end it was a pain in the ass experience. It would have been much better if we had groups of 3-4 instead, so we could all keep busy. The final film seemed OK when we watched it in class, but looking back on it a few months later it's really not that good.

  .The Telltale Script (1999)
Media/Info: Starring: Max Miller, Myra Sinnott, and Ryan Doucette
Pictures/Captures Written By: Jim Gately
Trivia Cinematographer: Ryan Doucette
  Sound: None
  Format: 16mm
  Length: 8-9 minutes
  Availability: Hidden away in a small cave in the Klondike
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