Super Ninja Warriors 3: The Very Last Final Showdown (1999)

Super Ninja Warriors 3: The Very Last Final Showdown, or SNW3, was made in a 16mm film class as part of an in-camera assignment in the Spring of 1999. The assignment was simple; you get 1 role of film, 2 1/2 minutes long, and you have to make some sort of finished project. The key though was that there was no editing or postproduction involved. Everything had to be in-camera. You had to shoot the titles, then the first shot, then the second shot, etc. There were no second takes, and if you messed up, you were stuck with it.

During my first attempt with 16mm earlier in the semester I had experimented with claymation briefly. For this project I wanted to do more, so the story became a ninja fight between a human being and a claymation character. Of course this was a bit of an undertaking since there was no postproduction work to do, and if the claymation character was moved or fell over, it would screw up the entire shot. In the end though it worked out fine. Chris starred in it as the human ninja and both he and Rob helped do the claymation movements.

After the class ended I went back and reedited a few of the mistakes we made in the film. The titles were all redone, a single black shot was removed, a couple of shots were shortened, and a bunch of accidental hand-in-shot frames were removed.

There is also no SNW1 or SNW2. The title was obviously made as a redundant shot at the world of chopsocky ninja films and cheesy horror flicks where the "final movie" is never really the last one. You can download a complete copy of SNW3 from this site from the menu on the left.


  .Super Ninja Warriors 3(1999)
Media/Info: Starring: Chris McMullin, Playdoh Ninja Guy, Gumby
Download the Film Sound: None
Pictures/Captures Format: 16mm
Trivia Length: 2:15 minutes
  Availability: Available on VHS or CD or Downloadable MOV
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