Making the RabidFerret Logo

The Drawing

All of the sketches I drew out didn't really work for me. Too bland; no action. I started to think that I should aim for more of what would work on a t-shirt, and then sort of convert that idea to the site. The typical "thumbs up" pose looked fine to me so I started to draw it up. It took me a while to tweaking to finally get the drawing to look the way I wanted it to. I had always planned on inking over the pencils that I had done, simply because it looks a lot better in ink, scans better, and you can erase pencil lines to your hearts content without worrying about damaging anything. But due to my paranoid nature I first scanned the plain pencils. I then went back, inked over everything, and erased all of the pencils. Both of those drawings are shown below. You'll notice in the inked one that I left any area that was supposed to be shaded or in black blank, so I could change colors if I chose to later on the computer. Another quick note, don't do it on graph paper. I just had it handy and used it simply for that reason but it added extra work later on.

The pencil drawing is first, followed by the inked one below


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