Making the RabidFerret Logo

Hi there. I've always been a big fan of behind the scenes movie work; seeing the pre-production work, how the actors prepare, even the mundane down time on a set. I love it all because you can learn so much. Keeping that in mind I figured that the process I went through to make the main logo for this site might be of interest to some people, and an hour of my time isn't much to spend to enlighten the masses;) So on the following pages is a short description of how I went from an idea, to a concept drawing, to the finished online art. I hope someone out there enjoys this.

First, a couple of quick factoids: I used Paint Shop Pro v6.0 for all of my work and used their file format, *.PSP, for all of my work up until the final copy for the web, which was done in JPG format. I also used much higher resolutions than what is shown here. All of these pictures were reduced to 33% of their original size for the web. Enjoy!


The Idea

The first step was to come up with an idea for the site. Since it was going to be called RabidFerret.Com, it made sense to me to make a rabid ferret the logo/character. The key though was how to make it. Do I go for a photo of a ferret with rabies? Maybe a photo of a normal ferret and add in the frothy mouth? A drawing from scratch of a normal looking ferret? Or a cartoon type ferret? The obvious choice for me was the last, mainly because cartoon characters are cool and I'll take any chance I can get to draw something that'll be published(even if it's by myself). Then I started to sketch out some ideas, which are shown below.


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