Freelance (1998)

Freelance was made in the Spring of 1998 as a final project for a class called "Crime on Film:The Aesthetics of Murder". In lieu of a final 12 page paper I opted for the short film instead. The only stipulations were that it be completed by the last day of class and that it involve murder in some way. Since I was stuck on a college campus I decided to use that as the basis for the plot. The story ended up being about a straight A college student who needed to pay his tuition. Instead of getting a job working in a DC or at a fast food type of place, he works as a hitman, bumping off visiting alumni and guest speakers, all the while studying to his heart's content. The story picks up as he's going to get his newest assignment and then follows him through the next day of his life, culminating in the assassination and his return to his dorm room to study.

I enlisted the help of friends to help shoot and act in the movie, which was shot over a 2 week period in and around Amherst, Massachusetts. The editing was started after a majority of the principal photography was completed, but continued until noon of the final day the project was due. In total about 80+ hours were spent on the filming and editing, not including pre-production or writing time, and the final product came in at about 15 minutes.

Media/Info: Starring: Rob Fijol, Chris McMullin, Kevin Blanding, Josh Hatch, and Scott Shin
Trailer Sound: Light dialogue, continuous soundtrack
Pictures/Captures Format: SVHS
Trivia Length: 15 minutes
  Availability: Available on VHS or CD
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