Welcome to my collection of original comic book art. These are all true, original, one of a kind pieces, that were used to create a comic book. Go into any comic shop and pick up these issues and you'll see the same artwork, just smaller. I started my collection with an Incredible Hulk piece by Todd McFarlane(my favorite artist) back in 1997 and have been building ever since. Below you'll find links to each of my pages, by artist. I'd love to hear what you think of the pieces so feel free to email me any positive or negative feedback. Enjoy!

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Mark Bagley -
 What If? #3  Page 1  (Inked by: Keith Williams)

Mark Bright -
 Iron Man #215  Page 29  (Inked by: Bob Layton)

Carl Critchlow -
 Batman Prelim  (Inked by: Carl Critchlow)
 Magic:The Gathering Card Prelim  (Inked by: Carl Critchlow)

Millard Draudt -
 Dog Eared Undated Newspaper Piece  (Inked by: Millard Draudt)

Oscar Fernandez -
 Donald Duck Single Page Gag  (Inked by: Oscar Fernandez)

Jamie Hewlett -
 Tank Girl #3  Page 11  (Inked by: Jamie Hewlett)

Michael William Kaluta -
 Gimli Convention Sketch Con Drawing  (Inked by: None)

Michael Lark -
 Superman: War of the Worlds #1  Page 30  (Inked by: Michael Lark)

Erik Larsen -
 Spiderman #21  Page 9  (Inked by: Erik Larsen)

Jim Lee -
 Batman Pinup  (Inked by: Jim Lee)
 Comic Book Greats Video - How to Create a Comic #6  Page Group Doodle  (Inked by: Todd McFarlane/Rob Liefeld/Jim Lee/Whilce Portacio)

Andy Lee -
 Lone Wolf and Cub Con Drawing  (Inked by: Andy Lee)

Jae Lee -
 WildC.A.T.S. Trilogy #1  Page 9  (Inked by: Jae Lee)

Rick Leonardi -
 New Mutants #52  Page 13  (Inked by: Dan Green)
 Spiderman 2099 #1  Page 2-3  (Inked by: Al Williamson)
 Uncanny X-Men #231  Page 19  (Inked by: Dan Green)

Rob Liefeld -
 New Mutants #91  Page 6  (Inked by: Hillary Barta)

Jason May -
 Barry & Leroy from Deviant Society Con Drawing  (Inked by: Jason May)

Todd McFarlane -
 Amazing Spiderman #300  Page 15  (Inked by: Todd McFarlane)
 Incredible Hulk #342  Page 9  (Inked by: Todd McFarlane)

Wiley Miller -
 Non Sequitur 5-23-93  (Inked by: Wiley Miller)

Dave Morello -
 Songs for the New American Depression-Volume 3 Con Drawing  (Inked by: Dave Morello)

Khoi Pham -
 Batman/Spidey Sketches Con Drawings  (Inked by: Khoi Pham)

Whilce Portacio -
 Iron Man #1  Page 1  (Inked by: Scott Williams)
 Punisher #8  Page 24  (Inked by: Scott Williams)
 Punisher #8  Page 4  (Inked by: Scott Williams)
 Punisher #8  Page Back  (Inked by: Scott Williams)
 X-Factor #63  Page 8  (Inked by: Whilce Portacio)
 X-Men Pinup  (Inked by: Scott Williams)

Don Rosa -
 An Eye For Detail #1  Page 7  (Inked by: Don Rosa)
 Crown of the Crusader Kings 10  (Inked by: Don Rosa)
 The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad 23  (Inked by: Don Rosa)
 The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad 7  (Inked by: Don Rosa)
 Uncle Scrooge Con Drawing  (Inked by: Don Rosa)
 Uncle Scrooge & Square Chicken Con Drawing  (Inked by: Don Rosa)

Dave Ross -
 Avengers West Coast #89  Page 6  (Inked by: Tim Dzon)
 Avengers West Coast #100  Page 5  (Inked by: Tim Dzon)

Paul Ryan -
 Ravage 2099 #4  Page 2-3  (Inked by: Keith Williams)

John Severin -
 Cracked Magazine #198  Page 1  (Inked by: John Severin)

Walt Simonson -
 Thor Doodle Doodle  (Inked by: Walt Simonson)

 Sweigert -
 San Francisco Chronicle(1930) Newspaper Cartoon  (Inked by: Sweigert)

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