9 (1999)

9 was my final 16mm project for my filmmaking class, completed in May of 1999. For the first time I took a starring role as one of two main characters(partly due to lack of finding a second willing actor). The plot was fairly simple: two people playing a game of 9 ball for money. One was a cocky, arrogant hustler type while the other was the more typical everyman. The film starts off at the end of the first game they played, the cocky hustler winning easily. They agree to a second game and after the hustler doesn't make anything on the break, the everyman steps up to the table. Now is when his luck begins to change. Every ball he aims for goes in, as if some mystical energy field is controlling his destiny. This continues as the hustler gets more and more nervous and annoyed, finally culminating in a final shot on the 9 ball.

The film was shot over two days at the pool hall I worked at, with only Chris and myself working on it. This basically meant that neither of us were ever in the same shot together, yet it's not that obvious. The editing took place over the next week and though there was no sound, it still received positive feedback from the class, especially for the editing(which I had gloated about beforehand to Ryan and was later told by him had actually come out better than he had thought it would).


Media/Info: Starring: Chris McMullin and Jason Gerstein
Trailer(coming soon) Sound: Narration
Pictures/Captures Format: 16mm
Trivia Length: 5 minutes
  Availability: Available on VHS or CD
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